The EBKE e-bikes will take you to school, work or an appointment in no time. The EBKE is also perfect for going out. The EBKE bikes are compact, lightweight and easy to store. Most EBKE models are foldable and fit in the trunk of your car and can travel with public transport for free in most countries.

ebke v1

This EBKE is in the standard color black and is of course equipped with good lighting and a very powerful engine. The V1 has a 250W motor and a 10.4 Ah lithium battery. The e-bike will take you to all your (business) appointments and (traveling) destinations with ease – and that at maximum 27 km/h.

$ 895,00

ebke v2

This EBKE V2 is much different than our other bikes. It has a nice design and the battery is easy to remove or exchange. Fenders and rear rack are included.

$ 1,195.00

ebke v11

This foldable model is easy to drive and has three levels of battery support. The comfortable  buddy seat for a passenger is included.

$ 1,095.00

ebke v12

The EBKE V12 MAX has a very impressive design and can reach a maximum speed of 45-50 km/h. You can order you’re version with a brown or black saddle.

$ 1,895.00

ebke v14

The new EBKE V14 has a very impressive design and can reach a maximum speed of 45-50 km/h. It can be supplied with a brown or black saddle Driving this one will make a lot of people jealous.

$ 1,795.00

ebke v14 Plus

The model Plus comes with double 48V 15aH batteries with a range of 100 – 120 km. The hydraulic brakes increases safety and comfort by higher speed. Available with a brown or black saddle.

$ 2,095.00

ebke v20

For the person who is looking for high quality, performance and a unique product we are offering the model V20.

The combination of 750W motor and suspension guarantee both speed and comfort

$ 1,995.00

want a customized E-bike?

Create more awareness for your company or brand by printing your own design on your EBKE bike.